Because experience connects

On this website you can read more about our adventure therapy, adventure based coaching and adventure based education. I am the specialist in boys and men assistance. Is there any tension in your relationship? Is communicating difficult? Is there a conflict between the management and  the team? Or are you struggling with social-emotional problems?

Whatever your request for help is: it has to do with relationships. It's about the connection between you and other people. Congratulations, you have found Outback Explorers. I help people to work and live in connection with other people. It will give you rest. I will change  your life and the lives of people around you.

In the therapy and coaching at Outback Explorers you will experience the connection. That is my strength. You won't get theoretical sessions, but you will follow adventure based programs. From therapeutic conversations around the fireplace to heavy team sessions in the Ardennes. Because experience connects.

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