How do boys learn to cooperate together? How do they learn to deal with disappointment? How do your students learn to ask for help? How do you as a teacher make a connection/connect with them? What is the problem when a group doesn't want to cooperate? Some teachers at primary- and secondary (special) education are looking for the answer.

Outback Explorers has the answer: adventure based education. to learn and develop through adventures experiences in the open air. Thanks to our experience in education and our specialist experience with boys assistance. We know what you as a teacher need and what your students need.

Our programs

We offer several programs for schools and social workers:

·       Building programs, in which we work on a stronger group or school community;

·       Train the trainer programs, in which we train teachers or social workers for the adventure based work;

·       Father son survivals, in which fathers and sons  work on a mutual relationship together with a supervisor;

·       Boys proof education for primary schools, in which we supervise the teachers in the development of education and there teaching that fits the learning- and development style of boys;

Do you want to know more or make an appointment?

Do you want more information about our programs, meet or make a custom program with us? We are glad to talk with you. call or e-mail us to make an appointment.

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