Team coaching

Adventure Based Coaching: the strenght of experience.

Discover the strength of adventure based coaching. We coach teams, managers, directors and staff in the profit and non-profit sector. Even if communications and teamwork doesn't go well, even if it seems like the whole teams is out of contact and in a conflict: there is perspective in the way how we deal with it.

Experience it yourself 

We aren't going to tell your team what your problem is and what will help you in the first place. Your team has to experience it. We will take care of that, as professionals. Not by explaining what the problem is with words, but by letting the team find it out themselves. To discover the obstructive patterns, to recognise and acknowledge, and to reconnect with each other. That's the start of the actual change.

A new experience  

 After a session at outback Explorers people go home with the best you can get: your own experience. That is the most important strength to keep changing. you gain this experience during a survival, during campfire cooking or during a reflection conversation on a tree trunk. we work with specific tasks, focused on the growth opportunities and challenges of the participants. Each part of the training is focused on growth and is directly linked to everyday life. If needed, even with coaching on the job.

 Do you want to know more about our approach on your situation or about the obligation to submit to us? We can make an appointment today! We look forward to it.

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