Adventure Based Therapy

Does your son have problems with making friends, does he have behavioural problems at home and/or at school? Outback Explorers is the right place to be.

Self-doubt, depression, personality problems, tension in your relationship with your partner, child or parents: anything that you can't solve by yourself. Luckily you don't have to solve everything all by yourself. We are happy to help you.

So that -despite a difficult time in your life- you can experience inner peace and freedom. And that, thanks to our therapy, you can live in connection with the people around you.  We help people individually, as partners and in groups.

To be yourself                                                                                                    

 As adventure therapist and coach I like to work in a 'natural' environment. That's why I like to welcome you at The Ranch: a rough wooden cabin, in the middle of the peaceful countryside. You are welcome to come during the day but also in the evening.

During therapy you can chop wood in the open air or  sit by the fireplace. Just be yourself. We start the therapy sessions by looking for who you really are.


Specialization and method                                                                           

Outback Explorers is specialized in boys assistance and relationship therapy. Psychomotor Therapy (PMT) and Adventure Therapy (therapy with outdoor programs) together form the basis.  Besides that Transactional Analysis (TA) and Emotionally focus Therapy (EFT) are principles for our therapy.


We can make an appointment to find out if the therapy suits you. Just call or e-mail me.